Happy Birthday, little Libra

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Happy Birthday, little Libra

Libra, September 23 to 22 October – Life is one big balancing act, but not for your birthday … that’s going to be the greatest show on earth! It does have the potential to turn into a three ringed circus, so be very careful not to blow your big top while playing pass-the-parcel, or things might fly into a spin

Red and navy bunting available from The Party Parlour – RRP$32
Bahamas fedora hat available from Milk & Soda – RRP$24.95
Large popcorn boxes (pack of ten) from Partytime Online – RRP$4.95
Minti circus elephant t-shirt available from About A Boy – RRP$40
SOSOOKI red check shorts available from Little Styles – were $39.95 now $29.95
Libra 8×8 typography print by MursBlanc on Etsy – RRP$20
Holzspielwaren Ebert coloured spinning top from Rainbow Puppen – RRP$7
Cruise shoes in slate available from Walnut Melbourne – RRP$29.95


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