20 creative food ideas for kids

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Kids food: watermelon shark

Got the lunchbox blues? Whether you need inspiration for school snacks or wholesome home food, we’ve found 20 creative food ideas to get your culinary juices flowing (and your kids munching!) Via: megduerksen.typepad.com

Kids food: ladybug sandwich

Lady bird, lady bird, fly into my tummy! This cute little ladybug made today’s lunch box look extra yummy! Via: susanyuen.wordpress.com

Kids food: kiwifruit lollipops

A semi-healthy treat: choc-dipped kiwifruit popsicles. Get the little ones to help in the kitchen and the eating will be even sweeter. Via: showfoodchef.com

Kids food: mummy mini-pizzas

Perfect for Halloween: Mummy mini-pizzas. It’s amazing what you can create with a slice of bread and a few pieces of cheese! What funny faces can you come up with? Via: parents.com

Kids food: apple and marshmallow smiles

Cheeky apple and marshmallow smiles. Apple and peanut butter is a winning combination but add marshmallows into the mix and these mini snacks will have all the kids smiling. Via: brightredhoodie.blogspot.com

Kids food: butterfly snack packs

Butterfly snack packs – brilliant for party favours or lunchbox fun. Best not to leave out on the counter too long – these snack packs could give someone the spooks! Via: squawkfox.com

Kids food: humpy dumpty sandwich

Uh oh, Humpty is about to fall (into your mouth!). Now that’s what we call a creative breakfast! Via: meetthedubiens.blogspot.com

Kids food: lunchbox notes

Aw shucks, mum! Sweet lunch box notes could help get them on their way to 5-a-day. Click here for free printable files. Via: alphamom.com

Kids food: banana tortillas

Banana tortillas – Dora and Boots would approve! Simply peel, spread and roll…yum! Via: missionmenus.com

Kids food: pizza puffs

Mmmmm … pizza puffs! A mini flavour sensation jam packed with all your favourites. Click here for the recipe. Via: lickthebowlgood.blogspot.com

Kids food: crab croissant

The perfect lunch for a beach picnic: crab croissant. Sweet or savoury, we reckon the munchkins would pinch these up in no time! Via: familyfun.go.com

Kids food: noodle Chewbacca

One for the Star Wars geeks: noodle Chewbacca. How creative can you get with your noodles? Via: getinmahbelly.com

Kids food: aquarium sandwich

You could visit the aquarium … or let it come to you! We love the blueberry bubbles! Via: meetthedubiens.blogspot.com

Kids food: bento box egg moulds

How did you do that mum?! Bento box egg moulds. Be warned, when you’ve done it once, you’ll never have an egg-shaped egg again! Via: paperblog.fr

Kids food: silicone cupcake moulds as food dividers

Simple but sweet. Use silicone cupcake patties as food dividers and the kids feel like their having a ‘pick and mix’ lunch. Via: susanyuen.wordpress.com

Kids food: jacket potato mice

Squeak, squeak! Jacket potato mice to make your spuds utterly adorable. Via: mypapercrane.com

Kids food: rainbow fruit platter

Rainbow fruit platter, with a pot of gold at the end (bananas of course – practically worth their weight in gold). Via: homemadeserenity.blogspot.com

Kids food: use stickers to make faces on food packaging

No time for complex food creations? Add a few stickers for instant fun so the kids know you’re watching. Via: justbento.com

Kids food: Three Little Pigs bento box

And at the other end of the scale … an amazing Three Little Pigs bento. Don’t try this in the morning before school run. Via: flickr.com

Kids food: raibow fruit pop tarts

Homemade rainbow fruit pop tarts. What a colourful way to start your day! Click here for the recipe. Via: babble.com

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