15 cool and creative Christmas food ideas

Gingerbread house coffee biscuits

Keen to create the wow factor on your Christmas table this year? You’ve come to the right place! From cakes and cookies to drinks and nibbles, we’ve rounded up 15 creative Christmas eats! (Above: Mini gingerbread houses to perch on your coffee cups. Tutorial here). Via: notmartha.org

Christmas cupcakes

These impressively festive cupcakes are made with marshmallow buttercream icing. Mmmm! Recipe here. Via: sugarswings.blogspot.com

Strawberry Christmas tree browniesVia: ericasweettooth.com

There will be lots of oohs-and-ahhs when you serve up these little Christmas tree brownies, with a hidden strawberry inside! Recipe here.

Reindeer cupsVia: landolakes.com

One for Rudolph, one for me! These ‘reindeer munchies’ cups are a great project for the kids to help with. Recipe here.

Christmas pizza

Via: familyfun.go.com

Speaking of kids … here’s a festive dinner any child would approve of – Christmas pizza! Although they might baulk when they realise they’ve been duped into eating spinach. Get the recipe here.

Jelly Belly jellybean wreath cupcakesVia: jellybelly.com

Create a visually stunning cupcake wreath with … Jelly Belly jellybeans! Not only do you get a pretty stunning mosaic effect, your guests will get a little surprise flavour hit of Kiwi, Margarita and green apple! Instructions here.

Christmas candy can martiniVia: carla-cosmogirl.blogspot.com

One for the grown ups … a decadent, candy-cane flavoured martini! Recipe here.

Chrsitmas swirl cookiesVia: ouritaliankitchen.blogspot.com

These super colourful swirly sugar cookies make my teeth ache just looking at them! Get the recipe here.

Sushi Christmas tree

Via: flickr.com

For a cool cross-cultural hit, arrange your sushi platter into a tree shape and adorn with salmon roe ‘baubles’, okra ‘stars’ and an omelet tree topper! Ingredients list here.

Santa swizzle sticksVia: marthastewart.com

Combine crafty bits with cranberries and dress up your drinks with these Santa swizzle sticks. Instructions and Santa face download here.

Christmas cream cheese dipVia: flickr.com

Serve a visual feast for your pre-dinner nibbles … and it’s ultra easy. Cream cheese Christmas tree dip recipe here.

Choc peanut butter Christmas pretzelsVia: bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

These Christmas-coated pretzels make an beautiful gift when arranged in a jar and tied up with festive string and bells. Get the recipe here.

Reindeer sandwich

Via: littlenummies.net

So cute, and perfect for fussy little ones at the kids’ table. And just look at what those antlers are made of … here’s how to get them to eat crusts! Instructions here.

Fruit Christmas treeVia: ginger-and-garlic.blogspot.com

A styrofoam cone from a craft store and some toothpicks form the basis for this beautiful and delicious Christmas fruit tree. Instructions here.

Christmas layer cakeVia: bakingdom.com

And for my grand finale …. a mammoth eggnog-flavoured layer cake! Not for the faint hearted, here is the recipe if you want to attempt this beauty on Christmas day. Merry eating!