Pyjama party

Pyjama DayI rarely need an excuse to stay in my PJs all day – but this is a good one! It’s Pyjama Day, where you can proudly wear your  jimmy jams to work or school and raise money for kids in care. Find out more here.

Pyjama Day

A. Dandelion PJ set from Cocoome – $31.50
B. Hatley ‘Pink Bear’ PJ set from Mummy I Love You – $34.95
C. Ouch ‘Parrot’ PJs from 5 Little Monkeys – $19.95
D. Navy ‘Rocket’ PJs from Huckleberry Lane – $44.95
E. e3-M pyjama set available from eeni meeni miini moh – $59.95
F. ‘Stick Horse’ pyjama set available from MIDA – $35.95

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