Cool and fresh

Ubbi - steel nappy bin - daiper pailSo, just looking at these pics you’re already putting this funky ‘storage’ canister on your wishlist, right? Well, what if I told you this sleek container is actually a no-smell nappy/diaper bin? Ubbi uses steel (which doesn’t absorb odours) combined with rubber seals and their sliding lid technology to ensure a clean and fresh smelling nursery. It also uses ordinary kitchen tidy liners so you don’t have to spend a fortune on ‘special’ bags. Fab for apartments where running to the outside bin every hour isn’t an option, you can use it with cloth nappies too. Who knew something so icky could actually become a design feature in your nursery?

Available from Bambini Pronto – $79.95Ubbi - steel nappy bin - daiper pail