Menu planner: Two weeks of healthy school lunches

Healthy school lunches - lunch box ideas - menu planner

Another day, another vegemite sandwich? No way! Variety is the spice of life, so when it comes to making nutritious school lunches it pays to get creative. We’ve put together two weeks of delicious, healthy and quirky lunch box options that are so good you’ll be making an extra portion for yourself!

Kids lunch box ideas

Day 1
Go meatless Mexican with a Taco Salad Wrap (recipe at Martha Stewart), stay sweet with cute Fruit Kebabs (recipe at, then add some Mamee Rice Sticks for a yummy snack (gluten free).

Kids lunch box ideas

Day 2
This cute traffic light sandwich says green means EAT! (recipe at, then sneak in some hidden veg with zucchini and banana muffins (recipe at Savouring Thyme)

Kids lunch box ideas

Day 3
Whip up some yummy chicken and vegetable rice paper rolls (recipe from Freeze these strawberry and peach smoothies and pop them in a lunch box to slowly melt (recipe at Food for My family)

Lunch box ideas

Day 4
Make these quirky inside-out sandwiches using breadsticks (recipe at Canadian Family). Cook up these nutrient-packed home-made muesli bars (recipe at, then add in a crunchy Mamee ready-to-eat Noodle Snack.

lunch box ideas

Day 5
Make a delicious cold Noodle salad (recipe at Greene Acres Hobby Farm) and grab a cookie-cutter and a straw to create watermelon pops! (via Krissy’s Creations)

Kids menu ideas

Day 6
Bake a batch of these cute baby frittatas (recipe at Weelicious). Thread grapes on skewers and freeze to create grapesicles (recipe at Instructables)

Kids meal plans - school lunches

Day 7
Continue the kebab theme with sticky stacky sandwiches (Recipe at Super Healthy Kids). Win points with the kids when you make your own fruit roll-ups (recipe at Love U Madly). Add in some Mamee rice snacks for a delicious gluten-free snack.

Healthy school lunches - kids food - family menu planner

Day 8
Roll up some sandwich sushi (recipe at Martha Stewart) Treat the kids with these indulgent choc-chip granola bites (recipe at Another Lunch)

Lunch box ideas

Day 9
Create a colourful, healthy rainbow wrap (recipe at Super Healthy Kids) Ignore requests for lollies and make your own gummy fruit instead! (recipe at All Day I Dream About Food)

School lunch ideas

Day 10
Make a batch of these Cheesy broccoli rice casserole cups and freeze the left-overs (recipe at Once a Month Mom) Take your fruit up a notch with this honey lime fruit salad (recipe at Mel’s kitchen cafe)

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