29 baby names inspired by music

musical note baby name inspiration

A one, a two, a one, two, three, four! When it comes to baby naming, music puts many parents on the right track. With rockstar names taking centre stage and classical choices hitting a high note, there are melodious monikers to suit most tastes.

So settle in for some upbeat, laid-back and thoroughly entertaining options.

Here are 29 baby names inspired by music, sweet, music.


Adele: With a sound a little like Adeline and Adelaide, this girls’ name has become more popular with the rise of British superstar, Adele.

Allegro: A quick movement in music and an Italian name, Allegro is a lively choice for a little girl.

Allegra: This is a ballerina’s name meaning ‘joyous’, so it’s a beautiful moniker for tiny dancers.

Amadeus: Mozart’s middle name makes a bold choice for baby boys, and tennis great Boris Becker served up Amadeus for his fourth son.

Aria: The 34th most popular girls’ name in 2015, aria is also an operatic melody. Ariana scored 67th place (a nod to singer Ariana Grande) and another option is Arya.

Apollo: The Apollo Theatre has staged everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to the Jackson 5, and Gwen Stefani chose Apollo for her son. Reach for the stars!

Banjo: This instrument name adds an Aussie flavour to boys’ birth certificates. Rachel Griffiths chose it for her son, and let’s not forget Banjo Patterson.

Bowie: This Scottish name means ‘blond’ but it gained real rockstar status with the one and only David Bowie.

Danae: Danae was a Greek goddess of music and poetry, and this girly name has a sing-song sound as ‘day-nay-ee’ or ‘dah-nay’.

Dixie: This girls’ name has a country twang and Kings of Leon frontman, Caleb Followill called his daughter Dixie Pearl. So. Darn. Cute.

Dylan: ‘Don’t think twice, it’s alright’ to call a baby Dylan. With a nod to Bob Dylan, this unisex name was in the Top 100 for boys, and is an awesomely androgynous choice for girls too.

Dorian: A musical mode and a unisex name, Dorian is usually an arty option for boys.

Harmony: With a lilting sound and a calming effect, Harmony is a sweet name for little lasses.

Hendrix: Based on the Euro name, Hendrik, this version is hip and happening thanks to the ‘X’ at the end and a dude called Jimi.

Jackson/Jaxon: This moniker is a thriller, ranking the seventh most popular boys’ name in 2016.

Jagger: With plenty of swagger courtesy of Mick Jagger, this name is all rock ‘n’ roll.

Jet/Jett: Jet is the name of an Aussie band, but it was Jett that snuck into the Top 100 boys’ names in 2016. ‘Are you gonna be my name’?

Lennon: John Lennon gives this name its star-power and it translates for both sexes.

Lydian: This girls’ name for a musical mode has a whimsical sound and is on key with Lydia.

Lyra: This celestial name means ‘lyre’. Sophie Dahl and her muso husband Jamie Callum chose this harp-like name for their daughter.

Madonna: Madonna means ‘my lady’ and this name is top of the pops for bold creativity.

Marley: With Bob Marley’s reggae roots, this moniker works for girls and boys. ‘No girl no cry’ with alternatives like Marlee and Marely.

Melody: This name means ‘song’ and it’s got a happy, hippie vibe for 21st Century girls.

Nico: With inspo from The Velvet Underground, Nico is a rad unisex name inspired by the ’60s.

Piper: This upbeat name hit the Top 50 for girls in 2016 and is shared by Gillian Anderson’s daughter.

Presley: More approachable than Elvis, this name was made famous by The King and although it’s more popular for girls, Cindy Crawford called her son Presley.

Reed: This botanical name also has a musical edge for boys – a reed is used in woodwind instruments.

Viola: Viola is a flowery, Shakespearean name and also a violin-like instrument.

Ziggy: A cool middle name, Ziggy Marley (son of Bob) sprinkles it with star-dust.


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