Sweet dreams in a Cocoonababy Nest

Cocoonababy Nest sleeping aid

Coming from the safety of mum’s belly out into the real world must be a scary ride for lil’ bubbas, but now one clever product is looking to help newborns feel safe and secure again.

The Cocoonababy Nest provides a gentle, cocoon-like environment that gives a sense of security designed to help everyone get a better sleep!

By keeping bubbas in a semi-foetal position, with shoulders and arms against the cocoon, the Cocoonababy Nest limits the effect of the ‘startle’ reflex, which we all know can wake babies.

Cocoonababy Nest

Another great advantage of the Cocoonababy Nest is that the combo of supportive and reactive foams places less pressure on delicate heads and reduces the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). It’s also fab for babies experiencing reflux and colic.

Designed for use in the back sleeping position for babies weighing 2.8 kilograms or more. The Cooconababy Nest can be used until bubba starts to roll or change position in the nest (usually around 4 months of age).

Available online from Urban Baby ($279.95).