National recall on unsafe wooden cots

wooden baby cot safety recall

A nation-wide recall has been issued on three wooden cots which don’t meet Australia’s mandatory safety standard for nursery furniture.

The ACCC says the Wooden Baby Cots, sold on eBay and through a Queensland furniture store, pose ‘numerous potential risks to infants and children, including entrapment, choking and fall hazards’.

Check your cots

The recalled cots are the:

  • Wooden Baby Cot Crib Toddler Bed Pine Wood Adjustable Height – Model EM0068-01
  • Wooden Baby Cot Crib Toddler Cradle Bed Pine Wood Adjustable Height (White) – Model EM0069-01
  • Wooden Baby Cot Crib Toddler Cradle Bed Pine Wood Adjustable Height – Model EM0067-01

According to the ACCC the cots fail design, construction, performance and labelling requirements.

VIP Furniture Queensland unsafe cot

unsafe cot recall Australia eBay VIP Furniture

Stop using the cots immediately

Parents are being warned to stop using the cots and contact the supplier, Emall Pty Ltd on 0411 383 997 or via email for a refund and for the cot to be collected.

The cots were sold via eBay and at VIP Furniture in Queensland between March 31, 2016 and April 10, 2017.

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