IKEA Hack: 10 ways to prettify the IKEA IVAR cabinet

Everybody loves a good IKEA hack, we are always amazed at just how many possibilities there are for one piece of furniture! Today we’re sharing some inspiration on customising the IVAR cabinet.

The plain pine cabinet comes in two depth options, perfect if space is an issue.

Of course being such a simple piece means the IKEA IVAR cabinet ($129), lends itself perfectly to customising. With just a small pot of paint and a little imagination, you can easily transform it into an expensive looking designer piece of furniture.


IKEA IVAR cabinet inspiration

To get you started on your Ikea hack journey, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites:

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks mountains

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks paint

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks clouds

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks paint ideas

ideas for painting IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks

IKEA IVAR cabinet hack ideas

IKEA IVAR cabinet hack nursery ideas

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks ideas

IKEA IVAR cabinet hacks

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