Book Review: Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal

by Jessie Sima

We have never known of a unicorn to want to be anything but … after all, unicorns are magical with rainbow manes and a favourite of children the world over. But Kelp doesn’t know he’s a unicorn. He just thinks he looks a little different to his narwhal family – and can’t swim quite as well.

What is an underwater unicorn to do? Stay in the sea and always be unique? Or be a narwhal on land? Can he have it all?

The book is beautifully illustrated and draws the reader right into Kelp’s ocean home. The sweet tale of the not-quite-narwhal unicorn is all about fitting in – while standing out.

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Take a peek …

Beautifully illustrated by Jessie Sima

Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal picture book

children's book Not Quite Narwhal

Title: Not Quite Narwhal
Author: Jessie Sima
For ages: 0-5 years
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: June 2017
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781481469098

About the author

Jessie Sima grew up in a small town in Southern New Jersey and now lives in New York. She also wrote Harriet Gets Carried Away, a book about a girl who likes dressing up.

Available from Book Depository with free shipping.

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