9 genius ways a baby carrier makes your life easier

9 genius ways a baby carrier makes your life easier

If you’re yet to discover the benefits of baby carriers, an exciting new world awaits you and your little one. By embracing baby wearing you’ll enjoy closeness with your baby while regaining a sense of freedom that is often lost when you become a mum.

Whether you choose a baby wrap, a baby ring sling or something in between, they all allow your hands to be free. This is an incredible gift for a busy mum.

Here are 9 genius ways a baby carrier makes your life easier

1. Helping to settle a baby with reflux/colic

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If you’re battling a reflux baby it can be tricky to keep them upright after a feed. This is because they don’t have the strength to hold themselves upright. Having them in a baby carrier instead of flat on their back will help reduce the symptoms of reflux. They might even sleep a little longer for you.

2. Call of nature a breeze

Simple tasks such as going to the bathroom in public places become so much harder when you’re a mum. However, with your bub tucked safely in their front pack, it’s a breeze. You won’t have to leave your wee one in their pram outside your cubicle to attend to a call of nature.

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3. Easier to tame your toddler

Wrangling more than one child is a headache at the best of times. But when your newborn is safely tucked away in their sling you’ll be able to chase a rogue toddler or help tie shoelaces for your schoolie. You can also play with your other child; possible reducing any resentment they may have towards their new sibling.

4. Work it baby

Getting back into gentle exercise six weeks after birth can boost your mental health. And with a baby strapped to your chest you don’t need to worry about asking someone to mind your little one. They can get in on the action and also be exposed to a wonderful array of sights and sounds. 

9 genius ways a baby carrier makes your life easier

5. Travelling less chaotic

Flying with a baby or toddler can be chaotic, but with them strapped to your chest you won’t have to worry about them wondering off, getting lost in a crowd or playing on the escalator. You might also get bumped ahead at some security checks with a baby on board!

6. Protection from germs

Attending postpartum medical check-ups while hauling in a massive stroller into a tiny room is never fun, but with a baby on your chest it’s a breeze. The best part is you can further protect them from all the germs that are rampant in a doctor’s waiting room by placing a wrap loosely over their head.

7. Encourages social interaction

Feelings of isolation are common when you’re stuck at home all day attending to a crying and hungry baby. It can often seem like you’re not part of the real world anymore. But with a baby carrier you can get on with all your usual tasks such as visiting the supermarket, making conversations with strangers and becoming part of real world, even just for a little while.

Hot tip: Don’t forget dads can also get into baby wearing!

9 genius ways a baby carrier makes your life easier

8. Dinnertime made easy

It’s usually when you’re about to sit down for dinner baby becomes unsettled and needs attention. In this case, just put them in your carrier and enjoy your meal hot. Same goes if you’re having coffee with a friend or out for dinner. And if you’re worried about spilling crumbs on their head, just place a napkin over it! 

9. Breastfeeding while babywearing

This will be easier if baby is in a sling or a wrap but it’s still possible to breastfeed your baby while they are in a carrier such as the Ergobaby. Why not practice at home when baby isn’t hungry so you don’t feel stressed or rushed and soon you’ll have it down to a fine art. Often the brand of carrier you choose will have info on its website to help you breastfeed while wearing their product.

If you’re still not convinced, before you invest in one why not borrow a baby carrier from a friend or family member and give it a test drive. We’re sure you’ll never look back.

For all those new mums, here is an A to Z manual of what to expect in your child’s first year. It will give you the inside scope on every hiccup, hurdle and heartwarming moment along the way.

Be the best mum ever.

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