Recipe: Frozen Mango Yoghurt Bark

Frozen Mango Yoghurt bark

Mango Bark Ingredient list

This recipe tastes amazing! Just 3 ingredients then mix and freeze! Creamy natural yoghurt drizzled in vanilla and sprinkled with mango pieces, frozen into a delicious snack. Shared by Shania at Kid Eats by Shanai it’s a great after school snack or after dinner treat.

Makes 30 pieces.


500ml natural yoghurt

1 tbps vanilla extract

1 cup frozen mango pieces, slicked into small pieces


Step 1. Cover a tray (approx. 35cm x 25cm) with plastic wrap or baking paper, pour in the yoghurt, drizzle with vanilla and scatter the mango pieces.

Step 2. Place in freezer until frozen (approx. 6 hours).

Step 3. Cut into pieces and enjoy

Kids Eat by ShanaiKids Eat by Shanai

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