18 gorgeous, soft hand knitted toys to fall in love with

18 hand knitted critters to fall in love with

unique hand knitted toys from sara carr

Is it wrong to have a crush on hand knitted toys? There’s something so special about an individually handmade toy, especially these days when we live in a world of so many mass-produced ones. Available on Etsy all these toys are freshly hand knitted with love and care and made to order from pure lambswool.

9 unique hand knitted toys from sara carr

Made in England by Sara Carr and shipped worldwide, these would make wonderfully thoughtful gifts or a favourite toy for your little one to cuddle up with.

Available from Etsy seller Sara Carr.

9 gorgeous hand knitted toys

Hand knitted toys are not the only gift you could buy for a baby, baby mobiles also make a pretty special gift for a new baby nursery.

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