The Lalabu Dad Shirt – newborn babywearing for dads

The Lalabu Dad Shirt - newborn babywearing for dads

Snuggling a newborn has to be the most delicious natural high – that warm little baby bundle, the divine newborn smell … sigh.

Babywearing for dads has never been easier with the brilliant Lalabu Dad Shirt. Designed to give dads a way to stay close to their newborn in a really simple way, while on the go. There are no ties or buckles, just a slim fit shirt with a pouch that gets dads as close to their new bub as possible.

Babywearing for dads

The Lalabu Dad Shirt - newborn babywearing for dads

Kangaroos know how it’s done, and now dads are tapping into babywearing bonding, using the Dad Shirt. Popping a newborn into the breathable mesh pouch is a cinch, and it’s aimed at calming and soothing fresh little babies who are still adjusting to the big, wide world.

It’s the first shirt of its kind for dads, making baby bonding and getting out with a newborn easier and more comfortable.

The Lalabu Dad Shirt - newborn babywearing for dads

Lalabu also make a version for mums, called the Soothe Shirt, which has a built-in nursing bra. There’s also the limited edition So Worth Loving option, which is adorable.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt babywearing and nursing shirt for mums

The Dad Shirt is available from Lalabu for US$75, while the Soothe Shirt and the SWL Limited Edition versions are US$75 plus shipping to Australia.

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