Meet Lia, the World's first flushable pregnancy test

Game changer: World’s first flushable pregnancy test

Lia flushable pregnancy test

Peeing on a pregnancy test is a motherhood rite of passage, a heart-thumping, sweaty-palm, dream-making moment.

Once that second little line comes up, there’s usually a bit of an emotional attachment to the little pee-covered stick. But if you’re not the sentimental type, there’s a new pregnancy test that can simply be flushed down the loo. Less mess, better for the environment and discreet, the Lia is a game changer.

No trace, no waste, no mess

Flushable pregnancy test pad

The Lia flushable pregnancy test works the same as stick tests, it just doesn’t have any plastic parts. It’s 99 per cent accurate and the results show up in a few minutes. It looks like a small pad and can fit into a purse, making it discreet.

It works by peeing on the collection pad, then placing the test face up as you wait for the results. One line is a negative result, two is positive. Simple. Now here’s the clever part – Lia can either be flushed down the toilet or tossed into the compost. It will almost completely break down after three months in soil. In America alone, plastic and digital pregnancy tests produce 900,000 kgs of waste a year. The woman behind Lia says it’s time to move on from outdated plastic tests.

“It is the same, stiff, plastic relic highlighted in movies for its lack of privacy – someone sees the positive result in the trash, and breaks the news before you can!” Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bethany Edwards said. ”

At Lia, we have modernized the pregnancy test, ditching wasteful plastic and unnecessary electronics for a streamlined alternative that is both good for the environment and more discreet for its users.”

Pregnancy test that flushes down the toilet

The US Food and Drug Administration has just approved the Lia pregnancy test, which is due for release mid next year.

We’ll keep you up to date on any plans to bring it to Australia.

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