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Geek chic - science themed finds for kids

Experiment with these geek-chic finds and embrace your inner nerd!

A. ‘Get a brain’ swimming cap available from Third Drawer Down – RRP$25
B. SOSOOKI ‘It’s cool not to be cool’ t-shirt from Babies & Kids – was $29.95 now $22.45
C. Molecule building set available from Ferm Living – RRP$104.50
D. ‘Google Eye’ spring glasses available from Silly Billy’s Fun Shop – RRP$1.45
E. Mary & Matt chocolate pie chart available from Third Drawer Down – RRP$25
F. Physics: why matter matters! available from The Book Depository
G. Microbe plush toys available from GIANTmicrobes – priced from $12.95
H. Freshbaked ‘molecule’ tee available from Cheeky Baby – was $29.99 now $14.99
I. Kid O coloured cubes available from The Infant Boutique – RRP$89
J. Periodic table t-shirt available from CafePress Australia – RRP$21
K. Kids Labs dinosaur excavation kit available from Gosford Hobbies – RRP$21.95
L. Periodic system wall stickers available from Ferm Living – RRP$99

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