Time 2 ride

Ride2School Day 2011

On yer bike, it’s Ride2School Day! Kit out your easy riders in some fab gear, then hit the streets and cycle away.

A. Strider running bike available from Strider Sports Australia – RRP$199
B. Munster ‘I like to ride my bike’ t-shirt from Tiny People – RRP$45
C. Little Nutty ‘Dots’ helmet available from Nutcase Australia – RRP$99.95
D. Minti ‘Riding Deer’ t-shirt available from Baby’s Got Style – RRP$39.95
E. BabyLegs ‘Bolt’ legwarmers available from Babes In Arms – RRP$12.95
F. Minti circle-knee trackies available from Tiny People – RRP$55
G. Medium personalised backpack available from tinyme – RRP$49.95
H. ‘Cherry Lane Bag 4’ reusable bag available from Envirosax – RRP$10.95
I. ‘Woody’ balance bike available from Wooden – RRP$120