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National Science Week 2011It’s National Science Week … let’s experiment!

A. Kids’ portable microscope available from Send A Toy – RRP$49.95
B. Green Science ‘Eco Science Toys’ kit available from – RRP$29.95
C. Periodic table paper cups available from Prof Bunsen Science – RRP$0.85
D. Wooden mice on wheels available from Honeybee Toys – RRP$8.90
E. ‘Let’s Do Science’ onesie available from CafePress Australia – RRP$18
F. Sparkle T ‘Science Time’ wooden lab set available from SassyPop Kids – RRP$45
G. Nerd glasses available from The Magic Shop – RRP$8.95
H. Silly putty available from Prof Bunsen Science – RRP$2.90
I. Costume Box junior lab coat available from Westfield – RRP$34.95
J. Cuisenaire rods available from Toys of Joy – RRP$ 24.95
K. Crash proof test tubes available from Prof Bunsen Science RRP$0.70
L. Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab ‘pHantastic pHun” kit from Birthday Room – RRP$34.95

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