20 amazing birthday cakes

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T-Rex by Julieanne Perara

Need some sweet inspiration for your next kiddie birthday bash? Check out these amazing cakes lovingly created by talented Mum’s Grapevine readers. Time to get baking! (Dino cake via Julieanne Perara)

Babushka cake by Rosa Minniti D'Ang

(via Rosa Minniti D’Ang)

Hoot owl cake by Jo Jenkins

(via Jo Jenkins)

Lego cake by Carol Heath

(via Carol Heath)

Buildre cake by Keren Franks

(via Keren Franks)

Pirate ship cake by Roxanne Hodda

(via Roxanne Hodda)

Very Hungry Caterpillar by Martina Wragg

(via Martina Wragg)

Butterfly cake by Sarah Curtain

(via Sarah Curtain)

Rainbow cake by Jodie Burt Gerretze

(via Jodie Burt Gerretze)

Carousel cake by Peta-Lee Bartlett

(via Peta-Lee Bartlett)

Eyeballs cake by Jocelin Riley

(via Jocelin Riley)

Oscar The Grouch cake by Katie Poli

(via Katie Poli)

Ladybug cake by Jodie Burt Gerretze

(via Jodie Burt Gerretze)

Tepee cake by Katrina Naish

(via Katrina Naishv)

Spiderman cake by Lachlan and Kimberley Julian

(via Lachlan and Kimberley Julian)

Strawberry cake by Kate Pfeiffer

(via Kate Pfeiffer)

Sesame Street cupcakes by Jackie Floro

(via Jackie Floro)

Peppa Pig cake by Leesa Hein

(via Leesa Hein)

Monster cake by Amy Wilson

(via Amy Wilson)

Pirate cake by Marissa Miles

(via Marissa Miles)

Hungry for more? See lots more inspiring cakes on the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook page.

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