15 adorable costume ideas for Halloween

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Kids' costumes: Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Whether you’re tick-or-treating this Halloween or going all out for a dress-up birthday party, we’ve found 15 adorable costume ideas to inspire your next make-believe moment. (via Etsy)

A Knight’s Tale

Kids costumes: knight and dragon

Aluminium foil – where would home-made costumes be without it? But surely this shiny knight could never slay such a cute dragon. (via Martha Stewart)

Glamour puss

Kids' costumes: Audrey Hepburn

Your bank account hopes she doesn’t fall in love with those little blue boxes too early in life. This Breakfast At Tiffany‘s costume is just about as glam as it gets. (via Etsy)

Lets roll

Kids costumes: baby sushi

Super practical and super cute. Swaddled up as a little baby sushi! (via BB and CB)

What did he say?

Kids' costumes: ventriloquist's doll

Babies in wigs. So wrong but so funny. This ventriloquist’s dummy will likely be letting his Dad do all the talking. (via Inchmark)

The mane attraction

Kids' costumes: baby lion

Raawr! This cheeky, chubby lion will be treated like a King. (via How Sweeter It Is)

One ice cream, two cupcakes…

Kids' costumes: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Perfect for siblings or twins: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and his butterfly alter-ego. (via Lil Sugar)

Your Royal Highness

Kids' costumes: Marie Antoinette

A great excuse to eat cake: Marie Antoinette costume. (via Flopkins)

Spread your wings

Kids' costumes: Angry Birds

Don’t try this at home! An Angry Birds themed family photoshoot. (via BizzyB Blogs)

Return of the Jedi

Kids' costumes: Star Wars

May the cuteness be with you! (via Costumes Plus)

Little lobster

Kids' costumes: lobster

Heeeelp meeee! (via Inquisitr)

Ready to ribbit

Kids' costumes: frog

This little frog will inspire lots of kisses from potential princesses. (via My Make Believe)

Spring chicken

Kids' costumes: chicken

Feather boas, hot glue gun, rubber gloves … DIY chicken costume tutorial here. (via: Martha Stewart)

Cutie pie

Kids' costumes: baby peacock

What a delicious little baby peacock. (via Happy Bambino)


Kids' costumes: shark bite

Beware of shark attacks! (via Sara’s Party Perfect).

Squiggly line

We have so many more Halloween tricks and treats up our sleeves – make sure you check out our costume ideas, recipes and decoration ideas.

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