20 creative advent calendar ideas

Advent calendar: Christmas cake

On the first day of Christmas … I made myself a stunning advent calendar! (via Etsy)

Take a look at these 20 ideas for creative Chrissy countdowns.

Advent calendar: cloth bags

Get out the ink pad! Stamp or paint little cloth bags with numbers and hang them from a hook rack. (via Flickr)

Advent calendar: paper cones

Create simple tree-like paper cones and place treats underneath. Mix up the numbers so kids can test their number recognition skills! (via Sarah Mcgaugh)

Advent calendar: boxes

Cover treat-filled boxes with pictures and hang them on a wall. Get the instructions here. (via Our House)

Advent calendar: peg board

Glue pegs to a board and hang sweet little wrapped parcels from them. (via Tsj Photography)

Advent calendar: random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness: Attach a note to each date suggesting an altruistic activity for the kids – like feeding parking meters, donating old toys to your local op shop, or bringing their teacher a coffee! Get some inspiration here. (via Tsj Photography)

Advent calendar: matchboxes in a jar

Decorate numbered matchbooks and display them in a beautiful glass jar. (via Babble)

Advent calendar: DIY push window calendar

There’s something deeply satisfying about pushing through that little window to get to your treat! Make your own punch-out advent calendar with this tutorial. (via Daisy Janie)

Advent calendar: snowman

A no-chocolate version that’s simple to make but surprisingly engaging for kids. Cutting stuff is fun! (via La Classe Della Maestra Valentina)

Advent calandar: snowman garlands

For this nifty snowman garland, you’ll need some plastic capsules – the kind you get from novelty toy vending machines. Once you’ve amassed 25 of them you’re ready to start crafting! Get the tutorial here. (via Whimsy Girl)Advent calendar: toilet rolls

Here’s what to do with all your old toilet paper rolls! Get the instructions here. (via Maya Made)

Advent calendar: magnetic spice jars

This fridge-mounted calendar is made from magnetic spice jars. Put stickers on the front, a trinket inside, and arrange them in a Christmassy shape! Get the instructions here. (via Baby de Roach)

Advent calendar: baby socks

Recycle all those cute baby socks your little ones have grown out of! Add numbered stickers, peg them to a ribbon, and put treats inside. Get the tutorial here. (via Martha Stewart)

Advent calendar: Advent tree using favour boxes

Create an ‘advent tree’ using favour boxes or small gift boxes hung from a painted branch. Get the instructions here. (via Centsational Girl)

Advent calendar: DIY felt tutorial

One to keep for years to come: Make your own embroidered felt calendar with this tutorial. (via All Crafts)

Advent calendar: activities

Trying to minimise sugary treats? Fill your advent calendar with family activity cards instead of lollies. If there’s anything your kids love more than chocolate, it’s time with you. (via: Image)

Advent calendar: children's drawings

An advent calendar that will cost you only a few cents (and may gain you some precious time keeping the kids busy!) Let your children draw pictures on numbered envelopes then blu-tak to the wall. (via Eclectic Chica)

Advent calendar: clipboard

Use a clipboard and some scrapbooking stationery to make a Christmas countdown calendar. Instructions here. (via Scrap Inspired)Advent calendar: toilet paper rolls

Here’s a simpler version of the toilet paper roll calendar that kids can help out with. Get the tutorial here. (via Instructables)

Advent calendar: garland

A pretty advent calendar garland made of folded, printed paper. Learn how to make it here. (via Polkadot Prints)


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