20 amazing bunk bed ideas

Bunk beds: girls' shared room
Shared spaces can be fun spaces. Check out these 20 brilliant and beautiful ideas for incorporating bunk beds into kids’ rooms. I bags the top bunk! (via: momtastic.com)

Bunk beds: cubby house
Want a bed is as big as a house? This two storey bunk comes with separate ‘rooms’, ideal for nap time. (via: momtastic.com)

Bunk beds: soccer theme
Soccer mad sprouts will love this super themed bunk! A styled shelter and perfect pitch turn the kids room into their very own sports stadium! SCORE! (via: homeinteriorszone.com)

Bunk bed: bird theme
Bring the tree house indoors! With a few pretty bird houses and a hand-painted tree the little ones can sleep happily high in the sky. (via: pinterest.com)

Bunk beds: Lerer House, Utah
Cubbyhole crazy! Don’t have enough room for all those beds? Create cut-out cabin fun for the kids to climb into! (via: flickr.com)

Bunk beds: shared room for three
Bye-bye bed, hello sofa! If you have too many heads to bed, invest in a futon and simply style it to the rest of your room. The youngsters will enjoy ‘making’ their bed every night and the upright sofa will give all those bums something to sit on! (via: ohdeedoh.com)

Bunk beds: jeep
Create some camouflage comfort with a cover that automatically turns your everyday bunk into a crazy cruiser. (via: parentingclan.com)

Bunk beds: suspended on ropes
No more cleaning under the bed! Suspending your beds is a great way of creating more floor space in a tight bedroom. (via: ohdeedoh.com)

Bunk beds: colourful girls' room
White space in a kid’s room is just plain boring. Take colors to the ceiling and into the wardrobe with some fancy wallpaper tricks. (via: desiretoinspire.net)

Bunk beds: theatre
It’s all for show! Create your own family theatre with a few home-made curtains and brush of fancy paintwork. (via: thinkingwarehouse.blogspot.com)

Bunk beds: great use of a corner space
‘Snug as a bug in a rug’.Tuck the little one’s in nice and tight with a bunk thats built for corners. (via: decorationupdate.com

Bund beds: curtains create private spaces
Daydream bunk beds. A little hide away for the mini me’s to dream away their days. (via: dailycrushes.blogspot.com)

Bunk beds: loft style
Multi-story for a multi-tasker! A super cool kid needs a super cool bed and what better than a bed that works as a desk, wardrobe, bookshelf and more?! (via: www.ohdeedoh.com)

Bunk beds: shabby chic
Frills and fancy, fit for a princess. These solid oak bunk beds with theatrical styling perfect for a royal sleepover! (via: prettyprowler.blogspot.com)

Bunk beds: nautical
Ahoy there! Awesome bunk ahead! Dive right in to the nautical theme with anchors, ropes and a combination of blues. (via: cornerhouseblog.com)

Bunk beds: cave
A clever way of using wasted space and a clever way to get three beds in one room. Cut into the dividing wall and create cozy cubbyholes for all your bubs. (via: yossawat.com)

Bunk beds: playtime nook
Little and large can both have fun with a bunk purpose built for their personalities. (via: designsponge.com)

Bunk beds: New England style
A clever storage solution is to use the bunk frame as shelving for books and toys. The cabins may be cozy but the natural light and soft blues create an overwhelming sense of space in this small room. (via: jenniferbrouwerdesign.com)

Bunk bed by Mimondo
Make a ladder the key feature of your youngsters bunk. A clever design and a bit of creativity can turn the simplistic of beds into a work of art. (via: mimondo.dk)

Bunk beds: cot suspended over a toddler bed
Cots on top! You can easily squeeze boy and baby into a tiny room with a bit of clever construction. (via: ohhappyday.com)