Grow a mo’

Grow a Mo: Movember 2011

Handlebars. Face fuzz. Goaties. Lamb chops. Lip rugs … Dare to wear more than just a milk mo this Movember with these well-groomed facial-haired finds.

A. Baby’stache organic onesie available from Etsy – RRP$22
B. Campus A5 notebook available from Cotton On – RRP$6.95
C. Frank Kozik ‘Stache Labbit’ available from Popculcha – RRP$19.99
D. Moustache chocolate lollipops available from Chocolate Workshop – RRP$45 (for 30)
E. Moustache mug available from Outliving – RRP$16.95
F. Notable moustaches available from Hart & Heim – RRP$12.95
G. ‘In Disguise’ fridge magnets available from Mighty Ape – RRP$19.99
H. b. children’s wear mustache onesie available from Mini Mecca – RRP$25
I. Vintage moustache wall clock available from CafePress Australia – RRP$16.50
J. Punch and Pose dinnerware papermat pack available from The Lowercase – RRP$24
K. Old Tom Foolery ‘Typestaches’ poster available from NoteMaker – RRP$44.95
L. FRED ‘Munchstaches’ cookie cutters/stampers available from Minifashionista – RRP$14.95