20 brilliant things to make in a jar

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Red velvet cupcakes in a jar

Start saving your old jam jars! From cakes to herb gardens, pies to photo frames, and even entire meals. Here are 20 fantastic things you never knew you could make with a jar. (via My Cakies)


Salad in a jar

Word on the street: salad in a jar is all the rage. As long as you layer it so the lettuce and dressing don’t touch, your salad can be made up to four days in advance and will stay fresh. When you’re ready to eat, just shake it! Get the recipe here. (via Fat Girl Trapped In a Skinny Body)


Cookies in a jar

Cookies in a jar – a great gift idea. Assemble all the dry ingredients, layer them prettily and then label with cooking instructions on the back. Get the recipe and free printable labels here. (via Bakerella)


Jars used as photo frames

For a rustic vintage look, display your photos inside glass jars and bottles. (via Rikki Hibbert)


Chocolate bread cooked in a jar

Chocolate muffin bread cooked in a jar. Yes please! Get the recipe here. (via Good Food Bread & Muffins)


Pies cooked in a jar

Super sweet. Individual pies cooked in a jar. Use as a show-stopping dinner party dessert or attach thank-you labels and use them as wedding favours. Get some pie ideas here. (via Pizzazzerie)


Rosemary bread rolls cooked in a jar

Bread, cooked in a jar? Yes you can! These wholewheat, buttermilk and rosemary rolls will rival any ‘artisan’ bread from your local deli. Get the recipe here. (via Simple Bites)


Holiday memories displayed in a jar

A fabulous visual reminder of your favourite holidays. Create these memory jars by collecting souvenirs, photos, ticket stubs and found objects from your family travels. (via Martha Stewart)


Meals in a jar

So let’s just cut to the chase – what about making all your meals in a jar?! Prepare a whole week’s feast in advance with these recipe ideas – including samosas, chicken curry, lasagne, salmon salad and more! (via Big Red Kitchen)


Rainbow cupcakes cooked in a jar

There isn’t a child on earth who wouldn’t be wowed by these: rainbow cupcakes baked in a jar. Get the recipe here. (via Run with Glitter)


Cheesecakes in a jar

Individual cheesecakes in a jar. Look, it has fruit on it – so it must be good for you, right? Get the recipe here. (via My Baking Addiction)


Chandelier made from candles in jars

Suspended jars and tealight candles make a pretty stunning DIY chandelier. (via flickr)


'Smores' marshmallow cakes cooked in a jar

Get that camp-fire feel with roasted marshmallow cakes. These look evil but delicious! Get the recipe here. (via How Sweet Eats)


Beach in a jar

A great alternative to party ‘bags’ at an underwater themed birthday: use brown sugar, blue m&ms and lolly fish to make beach-in-a-jar. (via Two Thirty Five Designs)


Christmas scene in a jar

Assemble Christmas lollipops out of sweets and create an edible snow scene in a jar. Get the tutorial here. (via Martha Stewart)


Wall mounted garden in a jar

No space for a garden? Create an indoor wall planter with a few jars and a little bit of DIY. Get the instructions here. (via Not Just a Housewife)


Memories in a jar

The perfect pick-me-up. Write your kids’ funny sayings on little pieces of paper and keep them in a jar. When you’re having a down day, fish one out for a guaranteed smile. (via Inch Mark)


Berry crumble in a jar

Add a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream and these cherry crumbles are perfection in a jar. Get the recipe here. (via My Kitchen Addiction)


Picnic ideas in a jar

A great way to pack for a picnic: individually portioned – a container and bowl in one! Get picnic jar recipe ideas here. (via The Decorated Cookie Blog)


Glass jars used as drink containers

Fun for cocktails or a garden party. Turn jars into drink bottles by drilling a hole in the lid, filing the edges and then spray painting in bright colours. (via Rebekah Gough)

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