25 fabulous Christmas crafts

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Christmas craft - gumdrop wreath

‘Tis the season to get crafting! There’s nothing like a bit of festive fun with a hot glue gun to get you into the Christmas spirit. We’ve found 25 of the best (and easiest!) Chrissy crafts for you to try your hand at. Happy crafting! (Above: gumdrop wreath tutorial here).

Christmas craft - modern ornaments

Create these simple but beautiful modern ornaments with a bit of a retro vibe … Mad Men Christmas, anyone? Tutorial here. (via Curbly)

Christmas craft - DIY photo snow globes

These are so gorgeous, and the materials are super easy to come by … the “snow” is grated PVC pipe and the photos are laminated with simple packing tape! Tutorial here. (via Design Mom)

Christmas craft - doily light wreath

Paper doilies and fairy lights are all you need to create this glowing snowflake wreath. Tutorial here. (via Martha Stewart)

Christmas craft - festive finger puppets

These little felt finger puppets are too cute! Use a wooden bead for the head and decorate away. Tutorial here. (via Parents)

Christmas craft - handprint baubles

Get your kids to create handprint snowmen ornaments for grandparent gifts or as a yearly keepsake. Make sure you write their names and the year on the bottom. Tutorial here. (via Little Bit Funky)

Christmas craft - Santa candle holder

Create a sparkly tealight holder with a Santa belly band. Tutorial here. (via Crafts by Amanda)

Christmas craft - reindeer candy canes

A great one for the kids to do. Wrap candy canes with brown wool and decorate to make reindeers! Tutorial here. (via Kim Mccrary)

Christmas craft - peg wreath

Make a wreath out of your Christmas cards! Glue some pegs to an embroidery hoop and pin them up as they flow in. Tutorial here. (via Martha Stewart)

Christmas craft - paper cup fairy lights

A really easy way to customise your fairy lights, using paper cups and pretty paper. Change your colour scheme each year! Tutorial here. (via DIY or Don’t)

Christmas craft - felt tree

The ornament cut-outs on this felt Christmas tree are removable – so your kidlets can ‘help’ decorate (and un-decorate) to their heart’s content! (via Apartment Therapy)

Christmas craft - peek-a-boo tube

This festive peek-a-boo toy will keep little ones occupied. Shake and find the snowman! Shake again and find Santa! Tutorial here. (via She’s Kinda Crafty)

Christmas craft - crepe paper door barrier

This idea is pure FUN! Crepe paper your kids into their rooms on Christmas eve and let them burst through in the morning like festive superheroes. Preseeeents! Wooooh! (via Secret Sofa Super Mommy)

Christmas craft - cookie cutter wreath

Turn your Christmas cookie cutters into a wreath … just make sure you have finished all your baking first! Tutorial here. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Christmas craft - reindeer gift bag

Create these adorable reindeer gift bags from simple paper bags. Pre-cut the bag using your template and then let the kids glue it all together. Tutorial and template here. (via Family Fun)

Christmas craft - ornament card

This handmade 3D card has professional-looking polish! Use this free printable file, some ribbon and a large circle hole-punch to achieve the look. (via HGTV)

Christmas craft - candy cane play doh

A great gift idea for your children’s friends – sparkly, peppermint-scented ‘candy cane’ play dough! Tutorial Here. (via Artful Parent)

Christmas craft - photo booth props

Print off these cutouts, and use them as photo-booth style props for festive photos. (via Design by Dani)

Christmas craft - paper cup wreath

Hmmm, we are seeing a trend. More paper cup decorations – this time in wreath form. Inspiration here. (via Twig and Thistle)

Christmas craft - button trees

Awww … Cute as a button! Grab yourself as many green and brown buttons as you can find, and then make these adorable little trees.Tutorial here. (via Uk Lass In Us)

Christmas craft - paper ornaments

One for little helpers to get involved with. The kids can cut out the paper shapes while mum sews them up into sweet decorations. (via Parent Map)

Christmas craft - bauble wreath

Use a humble coathanger, some hot glue and a bunch of baubles to create this candy-coated confection! Tutorial here. (via Eddie Ross)

Christmas craft - ribbon wrapped rings

Cover shower curtain rings in ribbon and bells and then let your little ones  shake shake shake along to jingle bells! They also make lovely tree ornaments. Tutorial here. (via Make and Takes)

Christmas craft - paper umbrella wreath

Go tropical with a wreath and some paper umbrellas! Perfect for a sweltering Aussie Christmas, as we sip on cocktails in the summer heat. Tutorial here. (via Camilla Fabbri)

Christmas craft - wrapped artwork

Take your paintings off the walls, wrap them beautifully, and hang them back up. Voila! Instant Christmas art. (via The Budget Decorator)

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