10 fun ideas for the first day of school

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There are only so many ‘firsts’ in life, so it’s worth turning them into special memories. Here are 10 fun ideas for marking your little one’s first day of school or kinder.

 1. Action Shot

First day of school photos
Put your photography skills to the test and try an ‘action’ shot mimicking this one by Jason Lee, who takes amazingly creative photos of his daughters and shares them at Kristin and Kayla. (via My Modern Met)

2. Time Capsule

First day of school ideas: time capsule
Create a yearly ‘first day’ time capsule with notes and drawings about you child’s favourite things and their hopes for the year. See more and download a free printable here. (via The Home Spun Heart)

3. Chalkboard prop

First day of school photo ideas
Nothing beats a chalkboard prop for marking a special event! Take a cue from Lauren who captured this cute moment with her son Brady. You could also use the same chalkboard every year (writing in the date and year level) and slowly build a treasured collection of first day photos. (via Adventures of Bradysitting)

4. Personalised photos

Back to school photo ideas
Photograph your little learner with a stack of books and stick printed labels over the spines detailing their name, school and year level. Or Photoshop them in, like this shot by Silverbox Creative. (via Silver Box Creative)

5. Coffee morning for mumss

First day of school ideas: party for mums
Whether you’re celebrating the return of adult conversation or crying in to your coffee, you may need a debrief after the school gate goodbye. Why not host a coffee morning (slash support group) for fellow mums? Hand out your invitations in reusable coffee cups and you’ll be the most popular mum in school! (via Jac o’ lyn Murphy)

6. Lunchbox note

Back to school ideas: lunch box notes
Put a note and a treat in their lunch box, so they know you’re thinking of them. Better yet, make it funny too. (via Tip Junkie)

7. Celebratory breakfast

First day of school breakfast
Send them off with a celebratory breakfast in their bellies! Make it extra special with this free downloadable ‘First Day of School’ decoration kit. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

8. Countdown chain

First day of school countdown chain+
If you have a little time before the big day, create a countdown chain. Staple cardboard strips together and break off one link per day as their start date approaches! (via Brassy Apple)

9. First day favourites photo

First day of school photos
Use some simple photo editing software to type a list of your child’s favourite things over their first day photo. If you remember to do it each year, you’ll have a fantastic record of your child’s evolving personality. (via Miss Zoot)

10. “I love you” hands

First day of school memories
When Jennifer sent her daughter off to her first day of school, they wrote “I love you” on each other’s hands as a comforting reminder while they were apart. Oh dear, I’m off for a big cry now … *sob*! (via Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)

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