10 activities for keeping kids cool in summer (and occupied!)

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Keeping kids cool - frozen treasure hunt

Summer days are awesome, but too much of a good thing can leave the kids hot, bothered and bored. Here are 10 fun summer activities for kids and keep your family cool (and occupied) on sweltering days! (Via A Greater Hand)

(Above: Freeze waterproof toys in ice and then challenge kids to get them out – with mini hammers, chisels, eye droppers and spray bottles! Instructions here)

Keeping kids cool - frozen grape popsicles

Make grapesicles! Thread grapes on to skewers and freeze for a healthy, icy treat. (via Make and Takes)

Beat the heat - cold potato game

Play the “Cold Potato” game … poke a hole in a water balloon and fill it with water, then toss it around as the water leaks. The idea is not to be the one holding the balloon when it runs out of water (but really its all about getting wet and cooling off!)

Keeping kids cool - bobbing for apples

Fill up the paddling pool and go bobbing for apples! (via Jackson Township)

Keeping kids cool - making juices

Get the kids into the kitchen and make up some delicious juice combos – try these watermelon juice and ‘Jungle Juice‘ recipes. (via Taste)

Keeping kids cool - outdoor mud pie kitchen

Water keeps you cool … and so does MUD! Gather some old pots and pans and create an outdoor ‘mud pie’ kitchen. Get some inspiration over here at Tinkerlab. (via Tinkerlab)

Keeping kids cool - water balloon pinata

Create a water balloon pinata! Fill up the balloons, give kids a soft bat and let them go crazy. The winner gets a nice cool shower! Instructions here. (via Ziggity Zoom)

Keeping kids cool - Zoku Quick Pop maker

Invest in a Zoku Quick Pop maker, which can freeze homemade icy-poles in as little as 7 minutes. Excellent for unexpected heatwaves or icy-pole emergencies! Available from Lime Tree Kids.

Keeping kids cool - DIY sprinkler

Make this DIY sprinkler with PVC pipes and then do a rain dance (subject to your state’s water restrictions, of course). Get the instructions here. (via My Home Spun Threads)

Keeping kids cool - fruit art

Get fancy with your summer foods and create a little food art! Let kids cut out simple shapes with cookie cutters or create masterpieces like this one. Click here for more fruity ideas. (via Little Food Junction)

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