Dream room: Nordic nook

Nordic nook - Scandinavian nursery schemeCreate a serene Scandinavian space for your baby to sleep peacefully!

A. Le Klint pendant 161 light available from Funkis – $595
B. Flensted ‘Four Viking Ships’ mobile available from Great Dane – $30
C. Swedish fox stamp cushion by Touch Wood Design on Etsy – $100
D. Vintage Stockholm poster print available from Zazzle – priced from $22
E. Stokke ‘Sleepi’ cot available from Bebe Online – $1,299.95
F. Wooden decorations available from Swinden – priced from $89
G. BOLIDEN armchair and footstool available from IKEA – $299
H. Farg & Form Elk fleece blanket available from Nordic Designs Home – $67.90
I. ‘Luna’ sideboard in Beech available from Life Interiors – $1,309
J. Scandinavian flowers wall decals available from Giggle Smile Designs – $152.10
K. Micki Swedish and English alphabet blocks available from Angelfish Dragonfly – $44
L. Nature Babycare eco-disposable nappies available from Naty and Coles stores