15 creative photobook ideas

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15 creative photobook ideas
With loads of inexpensive printing options and software on the market, it’s never been easier to turn your family snaps into a coffee-table-worthy photobook.

But if the thought of trying to edit and organise your thousands of digital pictures into something special is a little daunting, we’ve put together 15 inspiring ideas to get you started …

1. N is for naptime

Photobook ideas: personalised alphabet book
Steph from Modern Parents Messy Kids created a personalised alphabet book for (and starring) her son – photographing objects, people and places that meant something to him to represent each letter. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

2. Anatomy of a weekend

Photobook ideas: anatomy of a weekend
If cramming a whole year (or more) in to a photobook is more than you can manage, how about restricting it to just a weekend? Liz from Paislee Press documented her girls’ weekend in Vegas with a book of the group’s iPhone photos, featuring timestamps and captions to capture each moment. (via Paislee Press)

3. Feelings book

Photobook ideas: feelings book
It’s a win-win: You get a gorgeous photobook full of your cherubs making unique and crazy faces, and they get a personalised book that will help them learn to name, process and deal with different emotions. (via Delia Creates)

4. Baby timeline

Photobook ideas: baby timeline
Facebook doesn’t have dibs on your timeline. This DIY idea from Martha Stewart involves recording baby milestones and photos in an accordion-fold notebook. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Interactive photobook

Photobook ideas: interactive photobook
For a Father’s Day gift, Ashley Campbell included blank pages in her photo book that featured a question or prompt – a place for kids’ handprints, drawings, and handwritten notes about why they love their dad. (via Design Aglow)

6. Blog books

Photobook ideas: blog book
If you have a personal blog, then chances are that you already have a pretty awesome record of your family life. But if it ever makes you feel slightly uneasy to have all those words and pictures floating untethered in the digital abyss, here’s a way to pin them down – turn your blog in to a yearly book. (via Eighteen 25)

7. Ring binder album

Photo book ideas: ring binder
If you prefer DIY to high-gloss printing, here’s a cost-effective and flexible solution. Create your photo layouts at A4 size so you can print them yourself – then hole-punch and file in a cute binder that you can add to over time. (via Paislee Press)

8. On the day I was born

Photobook ideas: on the day I was born
Bree from The Creative Mama made each of her sons a personalised book before the birth of her youngest child. The book told their own birth story and celebrated the fact they were becoming big brothers. (via The Creative Mama)

9. The book of awesome

Photo book ideas: the book of awesome
Inspired by Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome, We Heart It created a ‘year in review’ book featuring her family’s favourite things. Being piggy-backed anywhere = AWESOME! (via We Heart It)

10. Instagram photobook

Photobook ideas: Instagram photobook

They’re teeny, square, scratchy and arty. Instagram photos are perfect for making in to little books – whether a digital version or a handmade one. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. One frame a day

Photobook ideas: one frame a day
Take one photo a day, write a sentence about it, and save it somewhere. If you can commit to this idea, it’s a winner. Erin from The Creative Mama admits to falling off the wagon a few times, but says persistence is key. She now has several amazing coffee table books documenting the beautiful ordinariness of everyday life. (via The Creative Mama)

12. 10 reasons why I love you

Photobook ideas: 10 reasons why I love you

If you know your way around Photoshop, then grab this ‘I love you because’ template and go to town. Make a book for every person that you love. Go on! (via Ali Edwards)

13. A week in the life

Photobook ideas: A week in the life
This Blurb book by Lynnette from Nettio Designs captures a week in her and her partner’s life – including photos, journal entries, daily outfits and even notes about what websites and TV shows they consumed. (via Nettio Designs)

14. Instant camera scrapbook

Photobook ideas: instant camera creations
Digital designers spend ages creating layered, handmade effects complete with scratchy handwriting and textured shadows. So why not get out your scissors and markers and make a ‘real’ version? Elsie used an instant camera, some file folders and colourful tape to pair photos with song lyrics written by her partner… Now all you need is a cool musician boyfriend to write a love song about you and you’re set! (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Your own family cookbook

Photo book ideas: family recipe book
You don’t need to be a TV chef to get a book deal. Sarah converted her dog-eared folder full of family recipes in to a personalised cookbook. By combining the recipes with family photos, she now has an incredible, useful keepsake. (via Memories On Clover Lane)

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