15 cool things to make with LEGO

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15 things to make with LEGOChances are you have huge amounts of LEGO lying around your home – so why not get creative with it? From cameras, to lamps, to vases and jewellery – here are 15 cool things to make out of those colourful little blocks. Much more fun that stepping on them in the dark!

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1. Make jewelleryLEGO jewellery

Use some jewellery clasps and quick-drying glue to turn lonesome LEGO pieces in to statement jewellery! Ellen from The Long Thread explains the process here. They were sold as fundraisers at her daughter’s kindergarten. (via The Long Thread)

2. Encourage hand-washingLego hand wash

Sara at Simply Sara added LEGO pieces to a bottle of liquid soap as part of the decorations at her son’s LEGO party. This could be a cute way to get your little ones to scrub up before dinner! (via Simply Sara)

3. Make headphonesMake LEGO headphones

Get your geek on and listen to some tunes on these beefy LEGO headphones! Tutorial here. (via Instructables)

4. Make a vaseMake a LEGO vase

Build a LEGO structure around an existing vase, flowerpot, or plastic bag to make a funky floral piece for your table. See more here. (via Instructables)

5. Renovate your kitchenLEGO kitchen

Two Parisian designers took a plain IKEA kitchen base and spent a week covering it with more than 20,000 LEGO pieces. See more here. (via Cool Hunter)

6. Learn to build sentencesDuplo word game / sentence builder

If your big kid has recently graduated to using LEGO, you might have a lot of unused Duplo blocks lying around. Lisa at K is For Kindergarten used stickers to attach letters and words to the blocks – and suddenly teaching spelling and sentence structure takes on a new dimension! (via K is for Kindergarten)

7. Make a photo frameLEGO photo frame

Tony from Dad vs Wild discovered that a 3 x 5 inch photo fits perfectly inside a 13 x 18 dot LEGO grid. And the rest is history. See how it was made here. (via Dad vs Wild)

8. Learn to sort coloursLEGO rainbow

A simple idea for the little ones: Draw a rainbow ‘guide’ on a piece of paper and let your kids have fun sorting bricks by colour and then arranging them in to rainbows. (via Kids Activities)

9. Make a LEGO travel boxLEGO travel box

Pack and play! A LEGO mat glued to a box with a sliding lid makes great travel storage for LEGO. See more on this idea here. (via Finley & Oliver)

10. Create 3D wall artLEGO wall art

If you’ve ever finished a LEGO construction and thought proudly, this is a work of art, then you’ll know where Jaime Choi from Three Paper Ponies is coming from. She took the glass out of an IKEA frame to mount her son’s creations – see the steps here. (via Three Paper Ponies)

11. Repair a fenceLEGO street art fence repair

Like yarn bombing and pothole gardens, LEGO street art like this is popping up all over the place – adding a bit whimsy to a tumble-down wall. See more examples here. (via Hypenotice on Pinterest)

12. Make a keychain holderLEGO keychain holder

LEGO key rings and a wall-mounted LEGO mat = no lost keys! See how Wendy from Living Creatively made hers here. (via Living Creatively)

13. Make a lampshadeLEGO lampshade

This one is by artist Daniela Pavone, but you could whip up something similar, right? See more here. (via Inhabitat)

14. Pimp your iPhone cameraLEGO iPhone camera

This tutorial will teach you how to make you iPhone look like a LEGO camera. Because, why not?! Get the instructions here. (via Instructables)

15. Fix your glassesLEGO glasses repair

Broken hinge on your glasses? Nope, it’s not time for a new pair. Give them some hipster cred with this tutorial. (via Instructables)


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