10 cool things to make with maps

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10 cool things to make with mapsMaps have such great memories attached to them, and they’re beautiful in their own way too. Dust off your well-used holiday maps or scour flea markets for character-filled vintage finds, then get to work on these 10 cool cartography themed projects.

1.Recycled map garlandRecycled map garlands

A fancy hole punch and a sewing machine are all you need to make these ethereal map garlands. (via See Kate Sew)

2. Vintage map light shadeVintage map light shade

Create a custom light fitting by layering cut paper circles over a ready-made shade. (via Theory In Transit

3. Map floral bouquetVintage map wedding bouquet

A nice idea for a non-traditional wedding bouquet, especially if you met your beau while travelling. Take maps of significant places and form them in to paper flowers. (via I Do It Yourself)

4. Map chandelierMap chandelier

Find yourself a wrought iron chandelier base and attach maps with fold-back clips for an easy, quirky bohemian look. (via Pinterest)

5. Map lettersVintage map letters

They sell for a pretty penny in homewares stores, but with a little DIY you can make your own map-covered letters on the cheap. (via Instructables)

6. Globe garlandDIY globe garland

Get instructions for making these little origami globes to string into a garland. They could also look sweet as shades to slip over your fairy lights. (via Poppy Talk)

7. Cartography inspired nailsMap nails

Have the world at your fingertips (see what I did there?). The instructions for this map printed manicure seem deceptively simple, but we reckon it’s worth a go. (via Scoop)

8. Vintage map bangleDIY vintage map bangle

Follow this how-to and you’ll soon be covering bangles with every cool printed image you find! (via Craft Stylish)

9. Google Maps envelopesGoogle Maps envelopes

So these are just a concept, at the moment – the idea is that you could use Google Maps to print an addressed envelope that also showed the route between the two locations. But you don’t have to wait for the app. Make your own by printing a map and following these instructions for folding a DIY envelope. (via Incredible Things)

10. Glass bead magnetsMap half marble magnets

Beautify your fridge with Let Birds Fly’s tutorial for making map magnets out of flat glass beads (the kind you probably have sitting in a vase somewhere). (via Let Birdz Fly)

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