Meet the Origami – The world’s first power-folding stroller

4MOMS Origami Stroller

We hear a lot of great claims about prams and strollers these days: easy fold, one-touch fold, one-hand fold … but how about NO HAND fold?

That’s just one of the many amazing features of the new Origami pram by 4MOMS (see the folding motion in action in the video below). As well as opening and closing at the touch of a button, it uses generators in the wheels to charge itself as you walk and can even charge your mobile phone! The high-tech gadgetry doesn’t end there … there’s a LCD dashboard that gives you speed and temperature readings, as well as running lights and pathway lights. Oh and there’s even room for your baby. Gadget lovers will be in heaven – when I showed my other half the video, he said he would be happy to have another child just to get this stroller!

Available from Baby Bunting – $1,499.95 for the stroller. Accessories include the Origami Phone Kit – $69.95 / Origami Bassinet – $329.95 / Origami Colour Kit – $149.95

4MOMS Origami Stroller