All wrapped up with the Nuddle blanket

Nuddle Blanket

I look at this picture and I’m instantly jealous. On cold winter mornings I really wish someone would wrap me up in a blanky and wheel me where I needed to go. Kids just don’t know how good they have it!

Nuddle stroller blanket

This Nuddle baby blanket is a comfy, cosy stroller blanket with a foot pocket and openings for a 5-point harness, so it will keep the cold out without falling off or getting caught in the wheels. Luckily, there are also bigger versions of the Nuddle for adults and kids to cuddle on the couch, with feet tucked up inside the pocket, holes for your arms so you can reach for that cup of hot cocoa, and a pouch to keep hands toasty. If only it was acceptable for grown-ups to wear in public, I’d be set.

Available from Nuddle – stroller blanket $49.95 / Kids’ size $64.95 / Adults $84.95

Nuddle stroller blanket