8 ways to soothe coughs and sniffles

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8 ways to soothe winter coughs and sniffles Winter is well and truly upon us, and once again it is delivering frosty cold mornings as well as plenty of coughs, sore throats and yucky noses. It is hard enough to get out of bed during the depths of winter chill and darkness, but harder still when you have been up all night trying to bring relief to pint-sized patients who can’t breathe, have tickles in their throats, or who just feel generally off-colour. Here are eight ways to soothe the symptoms (and hopefully give Mum some much needed uninterrupted sleep).

1. FESS Little Noses

Fess Little Noses
Safe to use from birth, FESS Little Noses gentle saline solution helps get blocked little noses breathing easily again by helping to thin mucous and clear nasal congestion.

2. Ultrasonic Vaporiser

Ultrasonic vaporiser

The Ultrasonic Vaporiser ($99.95) is an air purifier/ironiser, aroma diffuser, humidifier and night lamp all in one. Both the unit and vapours stay cool, making it safe for children’s bedrooms and eliminating condensation – a winner all round!

3. Little Coughs

Little Coughs

Little Coughs is made with Ivy Leaf extract – which has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb for cough relief. It’s free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and can be used by the whole family, even little ones.

4. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

The NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator ($15.95) is a super effective way to clear baby’s nose. The parent-powered suction design is stronger than bulb or battery powered aspirators and it is a non-invasive alternative, as it forms a seal with the outside of baby’s nostril rather than going inside the nose. And there’s no need to get queasy: this well-thought out gadget has a hygiene filter, ensuring nothing yucky gets anywhere near the user.

5. Little Innoscents Winter Blues Balm

Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm

No more need for greasy petroleum based products. Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm ($10.99) is 100% natural, pure and organic. It brings warmth to the body and alleviates nasal congestion. Apply to sick little bodies to help them relax and breathe better before snuggling into bed.

6. Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray

Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Rooms Spray

A mixture of chamomile extract, rose hip oil, lavender oil, and ylang ylang, Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray ($19.95) helps alleviate sniffles and sneezes simply by spraying! It surely couldn’t get any easier than that.

7. Non-Contact Thermometer

Oricom Non-Contact Infared Thermometer

Okay, it’s not exactly going to soothe a sick child but it will certainly soothe a mothers worrying mind. The Oricom Non-Contact Termometer allows you to take temperatures accurately, instantly and without any physical contact – even when baby is asleep.

8. Brauer Paw Paw Ointment

Brauer Paw Paw Ointment

Soothe chapped lips and poor sore noses with Brauer  paw paw ointment ($10.95), which is petrochemical-free and enriched with Shea Butter and Honey.

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