13 top gumboots for hip puddle jumpers

Kids Best Gumboots

When the rainy season hits, parents and pint-sized people love the versatility, variety and pure fun of gumboots.

Perfect for jumping in puddles, frolicking on the farm or playing at preschool, we’ve scouted 12 cool gumboots for every little soul.

1. Hatley

Hatley gumboots

Get the little style masters completely decked out, with everything to match these funky Hatley gumboots ($39.95).

2. Skeanie

SKEANIE wellies

Rainy days can be oh so glum, but a pair of SKEANIE Wellies (from $29.95) will bring colour to the darkness and a smile to the dial.

3.  Walnut Melbourne


Cozy toes, hot colours. Raffy gumboots from Walnut Melbourne ($39.95) are the bomb.  And that cute tassle on the back is the perfect combo of style and function.

4.  Bergstein Boots


Wade a minute!  Retro look, modern colours, uber-cool – yup, they’re Bergstein boots ($59.95).

5. Bogs

Bogs gumboots

If you thought all gumboots were bog-standard, Bogs (from $59.95) are a game-changer. These boots have a rubber outer covering a stretchy, moisture-wicking inner. Insulated, antimicrobial and built to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Wow!

6.  Kidorable


The toddler tribe won’t be lonely in the rain wearing their Kidorable 3D Rain Boots ($39.95). Pirates, butterflies, dinosaurs and more … imagine the stories!

7. Overcrawls


Don’t let it rain on their parade! Get them a pair of Aussie designed Overcrawls ($34.95) and watch them dance in the rain!

8.  Rosie Roo Designer Wellies


The little groovers will be shaking their booties in their Rosie Roo wellies ($25). Don’t you think those cut-outs are utterly gorgeous?

9. Hunter Boots


Just try and get stuck in the mud in these wonderful waders. Hunter Wellies (from $59) are the quintessential wellies, complete with reflective safety patches!

10. Crocs


Crocs Handle It Rain Boots ($49.99) totally solve that unbearable foot in the boot struggle – get a handle on that!

11. Bisgaard


Oh how we all love the Scandinavian designs right now. Grab a pair of these dreamy Danish rainboots ($59.95) in rainbow colours, and keep the offspring on-trend (and dry!).

12. Little Marc Jacobs


For designer tots these gumboots will quickly become the fave footwear – good luck getting them off to come inside. I’d be leaving them on too!

13.  French Soda


Why wouldn’t you wish for winter if you get to sport these wonderful wellies from French Soda ($39.95)?