6 natural solutions for a smelly fridge

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Natural ways to keep a fridge smelling nice

If you are into your seafood or spicy curries, a strange mixture of aromas may sometimes get stuck in your fridge. Or maybe cleaning it out is last on the list of priorities (somewhere between mending socks and reading War and Peace), only creeping towards the top when telltale smells waft from the doors each time you open them.

Either way, we are here to help.

The Mums Grapevine community have come up with some stellar tips for keeping your fridge smelling fresh… no matter what. Here are six ways to get your smelly fridge smelling fresh.

Six natural solutions for a smelly fridge

1. Bicarb isn’t just for cakes. A bowl of bicarb soda in the back of the fridge will draw smells away. This can be done just for when odours are present or you can leave it in there all the time.

2. Get lemon-fresh. If you prefer a lemon scent, a cup of water with lemon juice in the fridge will also combat the stink. Alternatively, you can cut up a whole lemon and place it around the fridge doors.

3. Attack the pong with vanilla – it’s a great way to keep things smelling fresh. Use vanilla essence on its own to wipe down the fridge or add a few drops to a bowl of bicarb and your fridge will be vanilla sweet. Watch out though, the delicious aroma is likely to make you hungry… a dangerous combo when the fridge door is open!

4. Use orange or peppermint oil. Both of these essences are pros at eliminating fridge stench. There are other essences which will also work to eliminate smells. Using orange or peppermint to wipe down the fridge are good options.

5. Fold up some sheets of newspaper and leave them in the fridge for a couple of weeks. This will absorb those super stubborn smells.

6. Coffee is good for more than a morning kick – pop some beans in a bowl into the fridge and watch (or smell) any funk your fridge may be emanating disappear. Just watch that lovely new smell doesn’t increase your intake of cups of coffee!

These tips were compiled from the fantastic advice shared by readers through the Mum’s Grapevine Facebook community.

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