Interactive hideouts from joyjoie

joijoie teepees and play tents

Little pixies need a space that ignites their imagination. joyjoie‘s teepees are hand-made, with an aesthetic that will surely fan the flame of any make-believe game. Opening the door to the dreamy and fabled, these stylish nooks ooze thoughtfulness and fun – incorporating interactive games in to their design. Create a serene retreat, a play hub or simply a nice place to read. There are even large versions, in case mama needs a hideaway too! One thing’s for sure: your stunning wigwam will not stay tucked away in the depths of a cluttered playroom.

Paper doll teepee

There’s a delicious variety of pre-designed hideouts, or you can get specific and custom orders. This gorgeous paper doll teepee ($225) features removable fabric clothing that can be used to dress up a doll silhouette or hung on the pegged washing line.

Rainbow teepee

The rainbow teepee ($245) features fluffy clouds and raindrops that can be moved around.

Tic-Tac-Toe teepee

Play noughts and crosses on the side of this tic-tac-toe teepee ($155).

Toadstool cushions

Complete your play space with spotty toadstool cushions ($40).