Amy is the perfect doll for little girls

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Amy Dressing Up Doll

Amy’s Dressing Room Doll ($59.95) by Ragtales is a return to innocence; an antidote to fashion dolls with giant heads and tiny outfits. This adorable cotton doll is beautifully crafted with a sweet, happy face. She comes with her teddy as well as a dress, tutu, cardigan and rain coat. Her box becomes her bed, complete with a mattress, duvet and pillow to ensure she is comfortable at nap time.

This gorgeous doll is someone little girls can related to, and can help make sense of their world: choosing the right outfit for the weather, sharing the busy day with her, and going through the bedtime routine at night. Amy’s Dressing Room Doll perfectly fills the gap between stuffed teddies and Barbies.

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