Our picks for one year olds (2013)

Janod Push-Along Cart

Janod Push-Along Cart

Whether they’re newly toddling or still getting the hang of taking first steps, one-year-olds will love to steer these cute Janod Push-Along Carts ($115.95). They’ll have fun loading them up with toys and taking on the serious business of getting from one end of the house to the other.

Boon Creatre Cups Bath Toys

Boon Bath Toys

Water goes in, water goes  out, water goes in, water goes out. As far as toddlers are concerned, there’s never a dull moment when cups and water are involved. Boon‘s Creature Cups bath toys ($19.95) are great for filling, pouring, stacking, nesting and putting together to make adorable bath friends.

Gund My first Puppy

Gund My First Puppy Playset

My First Puppy 5-Piece Play Set by GUND ($29.95)


Skip Hop Pull-Along Owl

Skip Hop Wooden Flapping Owl

Once your child becomes a fully-fledged toddler, they might like to take this little friend for a walk. The Skip Hop Treetop Friends Wooden Flapping Owl ($39.95) makes a clickety-clack noise with his wings as he trails behind.


Wonderworld Shape Sorter

Wonderworld Shape Sorter

Give those problem-solving skills a work out with a shape sorter. This Wonderworld Shape Sorter ($32.00) is coloured using only natural dyes extracted from flowers and leaves.


Viking Toy Cars

Viking Vehicles

Viking ‘Chubbies’ vehicles are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and have no sharp edges or breakable bits – making them a great choice for your little one’s first toy cars. We think this set of 20 planes, trucks, boats and more ($49.95) will keep them brrrmmming for a while.


Bajo Spinning Flower

Bajo Spinning Flower Push Along

A push-along toy is great for toddlers who get to use their latest skill to make the flower spin and come to life. Bajo‘s Spinning Flower Push-Along ($49.95) is a rainbow of fun.


Kid O Stack and Nest Cups

Kid O Stack and Nest Cups

Building towers and knocking them over never gets old. You can’t go wrong with these Kid O Stack and Nest Cups ($19.95)


Racing car walker

Racing Car Baby Walker

We love this cute racing-themed walker – there’s a key to get started, a horn and a ‘steering’ wheel. Even a mobile phone (not for use while driving of course!) Im Toy racing car baby walker ($114.99)


Kitty Baby Love First Crayons

Kitty Baby Love first crayons

Kitty Baby Love first crayons (US$45) are made from natural soy and beeswax and are egg-shaped for little hands to grip.


Green Toys Vehicles

Green Toys Vehicles

Green Toys Vehicles (from $24.95) are made from recycled materials, with no Phthalates or BPA. Their latest release, the submarine, is great for undersea exploring at bathtime and can be filled up with water to pour out the spout.

Janod Duck Family Pull Along

Janod Duck Family Pull Along

Janod Duck Family Pull Along ($34.99)


Hippo Blue Personalised Height Charts

Hippo Blue Height Charts

Now your little one is standing or toddling, it’s the perfect time to start tracking their height! These Personalised Height Charts from Hippo Blue ($38.45) are printed with your child’s name and birth date, and will stick to just about any surface, including glass, brick and painted walls.


Bunny Night Light

Bunny Lamp

The soft glow of a night light can be great to reinforce your nighttime routine, especially when it’s a cute little rabbit keeping watch (out of reach of little fingers, of course). This bunny lamp ($99.95) has a light-up tail to illuminate your nursery.


“That’s Not My …” Board Books

Usborne Books

These tactile Usborne books by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells are full of fun repetitive phrasing and lots of crinkly, rough, smooth and stippled textures to examine.


Mocka Ride-On Beetle

Mocka Ride On Beetle

Check out my new beetle! They’re a few years off from the VW kind but definitely not too young for this cool Mocka Ride On Beetle ($49.95)


First walkers from See Kai Run

See Kai Run First WalkersIf you have a toddler running around, it’s time to invest in a quality pair of first shoes that will keep them well supported (and looking dapper). See Kai Run‘s bright colours and great fit are a perfect match.
The age-approriate skills outlined above are examples only. Every child develops at their own pace. For more information on ages and stages, visit raisingchidren.net.au