Make mine a (pretend) Iced VoVo, please

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Make Me Iconic Wooden Toy Biscuits

Your next pretend tea party will take on a decidedly Aussie flair when you serve up Make Me Iconic‘s wooden Iconic Bikkies ($35).

Mime-nibble at Tim Tams, Teddy Bear biscuites, Iced VoVos, Delta Creams, Tic Tocs and more, all houses in a sweet tin that will go perfectly with any nostalgic tea set. Such a great kiddie souvenir or a delicious little Chrissy present for kids overseas.

Make Me Iconic wooden toy biscuits

Be prepared for a few teeth marks, though. This may be play food, but it looks so delicious reckon a few kids might be tempted to test them out … you know, just to make sure.

Make Me Iconic wooden toy biscuits

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