14 cool Christmas tree alternatives

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Alternative Christmas Trees

Christmas cheer without the cleanup! If you don’t enjoy fishing pine needles out of the vacuum cleaner for the whole of January, you can still enjoy a festive tree without resorting to sad plastic fakery.

Here are 14 alternative Christmas trees that are a little bit WOW.

 1. Tinyme Wall Sticker Combo


Decorate in two dimensions with the Ultimate Christmas Combo Pack from tinyme, containing enough wall stickers to make a tree, wreath and festoon your walls with baubles.

2. Moustache Christmas Tree

moustache xmas tree

I moustache you a question: Do you like your festive decos a little out of the box? Well then these Moustache Trees are right up your kooky little alley.

3. Nordic Wooden Trees

Nordic Wooden Christmas Tree

Are you dreaming of a blond Christmas? These  Nordic-style wooden Christmas trees are perfect for all the minimalists out there.

4. Christmas Icon Wall Stickers


The Wall Sticker Company‘s colourful one-piece Christmas Icon Tree is instant wall candy that looks like a bespoke design.

5. Coloured Wooden Trees

Coloured wooden Christmas trees

Create a forest of colour with these geo plywood trees from Outliving.

6. DIY Fringe Xmas Tree


Bonds aren’t just good at making comfy clothes. They’ve also come up with a fun DIY Fringe Xmas Tree tutorial.

7. String Art Christmas Tree


For those of you that love the idea of decorating the tree, the String Art Christmas Tree by My Poppet is a fun alternative that still lets you be crafty and creative with your kids.

8. Inflatable Christmas Tree


This weatherproof Inflatable Christmas Tree will bring fun to the house or outdoors with its built-in lights and self-inflating design, which makes it easy to store away for the years to come.

9.  Wooden Spiral Tree

Wooden Spiral Tree

This eco-friendly Wooden Christmas Tree can be easily styled to suit any space in your home. There are 26 branches that rotate on a trunk which allows you to create your own unique designs each year.

10. IKEA Christmas Tree


Flat-pack afficionados IKEA have created the SNÖMYS Chrismtas Tree which instantly folds out complete with dangling baubles, and folds flat to store away for next year!

11. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile


This beautiful ornament mobile idea from Not Martha is part Christmas tree, part art installation. Hang it high and you won’t have to worry about toddler tearaways!

12. Felt Ball Garland

Heading away somewhere for Christmas this year? This Felt Ball Garland from Down to the Woods comes packaged in a Jam Jar (cute) and can be strung up like a Christmas tree wherever you’re lucky enough to be! Just bring some removable stick-on wall hooks with you.

13. Treekandi Light-Up Tree


Treekandi is a removable, reusable wallpaper Christmas Tree that can be taken anywhere and used any time. They even come with lights and baubles so you and your kids don’t miss out on decorating the tree!

14. Shelf Tree

Shelf Tree

A few picture ledge shelves of varying lengths studded with your favourite Christmassy trinkets will create an instant abstract tree. Image via Apartment Therapy.

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