6 hilarious post-anaesthetic videos

I have no idea what drugs these people were given but frankly, I’m a little jealous. Thank you to the snickering relatives who filmed these people post-surgery and shared their unique verbal stylings with the world.

1. “Who built the ocean?”

Jack is feeling extremely passionate about the world and its inhabitants. Witness his emotional journey through a host of eclectic subjects including unicorns, Subway, the ocean, clouds and more.

2. “What’s in my mouth?”

This girl just has one question.

3. “The cows didn’t really like me.”

What should you get for being brave at the dentist? Apparently you should get a skateboard.

4. “You’re my wife?”

A man meets a beautiful woman when he wakes from surgery, and has no idea he’s married to her.

5. “I’m a wizard!”

Seriously the best way to find out that you are an actual wizard who lives at Hogwarts.

6. “They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them.”

A girl apologises to her wisdom teeth for removing them.