Make a splash! 19 cool beach & pool toys


Make the most of the sun, sand and surf with our roundup of the coolest toys to hit the pool or beach this summer!

1. Willysphere sand sculpting

Willysphere Sand Sculpting

Create awesome 3D sculptures with the Willsphere sand sculpting tool ($19.95).

2. Quut beach toys

Quut Beach Toys

Quut Beach Toys (from $11.95) offer a totally new take on the ‘ole bucket and spade.

3. Bilibo Free Play Toy

Bilibo toy

Bilibo free play toys (from $24.95) have no rules – use them as water scoops, sand diggers, pretend boats or even a beach chair!

4. Tiger Tribe Swirlies

Tiger Tribe Swirlies

Soft and safe, Tiger Tribe Swirlies ($14.95) are easy to throw and catch.

5. Giant Donut Pool Float

Giant Donut Pool Float

How will your life ever be complete without a giant donut pool float? ($35)

6. Haba Waterpark

Haba Waterpark

Create flowing rivers with the Haba Water Park ($59.95)

7. Junior Quoits

Junior Quoits

An oldie but a goody! Give hand-eye co-ordination a workout with Junior Quoits ($54.95).

8. Green Toys Recycled Beach Set

Green Toys Beach Set

This eco-friendly Green Toys beach play set ($36.95) is made from recycled milk containers.

9. Skimboards

Hammerhead Skimboards

Forget surf boards or boogie boards – glide across the water with a Hammerhead skimboard.

10. Watermelon slice lounger

Watermelon slice lounger

Turn your pool in to a fruit cocktail with this fun Watermelon Slice Lounger ($47.95)

11. Zoe B biodegradable beach toys

Zoe B Beach Toys

Appease your guilt about adding to the plastic scourge with Zoe B biodegradable beach toys ($29.95). They’ll break down in 2-3 years (as opposed to 500 years for ordinary plastic).

12. Haba Brick Layer set

Haba Brick Layer

Budding brickies can perfect their craft with the Haba Brick Layer set ($12.95) featuring a sand mould and trowel for building life-sized sand castles.

13. Sub Jumpa underwater pogo stick

Sub Jumpa Underwater Pogo Stick

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. An underwater pogo stick. You’re welcome.

14. Scrunch bucket

Scrumch Bucket

Pack it in your suitcase and squeeze it in to your beach bag. The Scrunch Bucket ($17.95) allows for impromptu beach play, anytime.

15. Wahu Beach cricket set

Beach Cricket Set

An Aussie institution, summer isn’t complete without a hit of beach cricket ($39.85).

16. Aqua Hockey

Aqua Hockey

Aqua Hockey ($49.99) will add a competitive edge to your next pool party.

17. Merfin mermaid tails

Mermaid Merfin

Turn your little fish in to real life mermaids with Mahina Mermaid Merfins ($99), perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

18. Water roller

Water Roller

You spin me right round, baby. Water Roller ($19.98).

19. Inflatable Mini Cooper Convertible

Inflatable Mini Cooper

OK, don’t get too excited. While the idea of floating around the beach or pool in your very own life-size Mini Cooper  is appealing, sadly this is just an ad agency mockup!