Giggles galore! 6 hilarious videos of babies laughing

Get your giggles ready for Global Belly Laugh Day! January 24 is a healthy, happy Friday where everyone is encouraged to throw their hands in the air and laugh. Here are 6 gorgeous videos of kids and babies belly laughing their heads off – to get you in the mood for a good chuckle!

 1. Daddy ripping paper

Daddy is looking for some sympathy when ripping up his job rejection letter, however this baby finds ever tear hysterical!

2. Cute quadruplets laughing

These lucky and masterly parents have all four babies laughing at once and not crying! I wonder how long for…

3. Mummy’s nose is scary (but funny)

Who knew that the common cold could create a mini Youtube superstar! Watch this baby be blown away with fear, and then erupt with laughter when he knows he’s okay!

4. Chocolate cake chuckles

Can anyone say sugar high? We all knew chocolate cake was fun, but not this much fun! I think we all want a piece of what these cute kids are having.

5. Tiny twins bonding

It is said that twins have a special way of communicating with one another. These two are obviously sharing a hilarious in-joke!

6. Brotherly fun

This cute video proves that toilet humour is funny at any age. And this baby has possibly the best laugh we’ve ever heard!

Tell us in the comments below – what random thing makes your child belly laugh?