App Review: SIDS and Kids Cot-to-Bed Safety

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App Review Sids and Kids

SIDS and Kids new mobile app, “Cot-to-Bed Safety” is designed to help parents make that exciting but nerve-wracking step of moving children from cots to beds.

The app is practical and simple to use, focussing on four key areas:

  • When to move your child out of a cot?
  • Where to sleep a child who has moved from a cot
  • Making your home safe before the move
  • Sleep young children safely

There are many things to consider, and the App does a great job of simply and clearly breaking down what you need to know. It provides guidance on what kind of beds are most appropriate and the risks associated with each (a mattress on the floor, a toddler bed, an adult bed with rails, bunk beds). The App also details what kind of hazards to look out for now that you may have a nighttime wanderer no longer safely contained in their cot.

Sids and Kids is a great organisation that provides evidence-based research about safe sleeping practices for babies and children, so this App is a great place to start when making the big move.

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