Alien invasion of the cuddly variety

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You know what the world needs more of? Giant aliens, of the cuddly variety of course. Craftholic ($29.95 – $59.95) introduce four creatures from Planet Craft: Korat Cat, Loris Monkey, Rab Bunny and Sloth Bear. They have come to planet earth to play and possess a special power: perfect huggability.

Created by  Japanese designer Ikuko Yamamoto and made in striking prints out of uber soft material, these aliens were made to be cuddled. After taking Japan by storm, Craftholic huggables have become a massive hit all over Asia. They’re also a little unique: whilst available in fairly standard plsuh toy sizes of 34cm (small) and 47cm (large), they are also available in the absolutely massive towering size of 111cm (xtra large).

Craftholic friends are the perfect pillow, with arms to cuddle back!

Craftholic cuddly toys

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