Adjustable shoes for growing tots


One of the best (and most expensive) things about babies and toddlers is their inevitable and unrestrained growth: it seems as soon as you’ve bought them a new pair of shoes, they’re onto the next one already. They’re like mini Hulks, ripping out of their clothes as they grow!

Shupeas ($49.95) offer the perfect solution to keep bub happy and stop mum’s wallet from getting a workout: their shoes are expandable and adjustable so they grow as your baby grows.

Shupeas baby shoes
Designed for babies up to 18 months, Shupeas are made from 100% soft genuine leather with slip resistant, flexible suede soles. They can be adjusted at the front with a pull tab and then tightened around the ankle with an additional velcro strap – so they can fit both skinny or wide feet. The shoes are available in lots of different colours and designs: featuring pandas, soccer, cars and rockets. Shupeas even offers a range with fluffy little flowers. These are the shoes we imagine Carrie Bradshaw would have worn when she was a baby!

Shupeas Girls Shoes