The world’s cutest photography project

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Andrew Whyte Lego Routemaster

Photography can be a rough business, especially when you’re 4cm tall. This intrepid minifigure photographer, with the help of his assistant Andrew Whyte, takes a new photo every day. And not only does LEGO man capture quintessentially British icons including Routemaster buses, Brighton beach boxes and the London Eye, he’s also had his fair share of adventure. Escaping giant crabs, climbing trees, slipping on enormous banana peels and stalking wildlife, Lego man has seen it all!

Faithful “assistant” Andrew Whyte has been capturing LEGO man’s adventurers every single day for a year using only an iPhone. See more of his work at Whyte Lego CrabAndrew Whyte Lego TreeAndrew Whyte Lego Log

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