Cute booties with the Close pop-in nappy

Close Modern Cloth Nappy

The cloth nappies verse disposable nappies debate is age old. Okay, well not really age old but thirtyish years old. Until now, you were either team cloth or team disposable. But the development of modern cloth nappies like the Close Pop-in Nappy ($35.50) has made the debates for either team null and void.

You see they’re kinda like a hybrid between the two. Their slimline appearance and stretchy wrap around tabs give them the ease-of-use of a disposable nappy, while still containing soft and wonderfully absorbent cloth on the inside.  They are the best of both worlds wrapped up in to a beautifully designed water proof outer shell. And no one could argue they aren’t utterly cute.

Gorgeous easy-to-use cloth nappies that don’t cost the earth? Yes please!